Class of 2016

Senior Class Trip Information

Reminders about the Senior Class Trip:

*Signups for room will start on Monday, Jan. 4 at 7 am in the band room.

*I need your name as it appears on whatever legal document-i.e. drivers license, passport, that you will be using at the airport(s) and your birth date. I need these by Fri. January 8. There will be a sheet in the music office to give this information.

*The Taste of Italy is due on Wed. Jan. 6.

*There are no refunds after Jan. 15.

*You must be paid in full by Jan. 29. Disney and the airlines have set dates that they need payment. The total cost is $1150.

*There will be a mandatory meeting on Wed. March 2 at 6:30 in the BHS Cafeteria for you and at least on one of your parents/guardians.

*Please watch your emails in the coming days for the permission/health forms that will be filled out and submitted electronically (including signatures).

*A detailed itinerary will be given out sometime in January.

Senior Trip Girls                                               SeniorTrip Guys

Sara Abramo                                               Jordan Allen

Sharon Almanza                                           Nikko DeBenedetto

Maddie Beaumont                                         Kyle Dech

Megan Berezny

Elizabeth Dalrymple                                      Brad Duckworth

Alexis Deisenroth                                          Matt Duckworth

Angela DeMarinis                                          

Lina DiCairano                                              Jacob Gallagher-Murphy

Emily Ent                                                      Justin Garrison

Destinee Hartrum                                          Ben Healy

Lauren Hulser                                               Matt Linaberry

Kelli Johnson                                                 Tom Madeo

Jordyn Kane                                                  Ryan Salerno

Julie Karabinus                                              Chris Scaffidi

Nicole Keegan                                                Hunter Smith

Allison Korslund                                              Joey Trautz

Amy Kwiatek                                                  Kyle Triggs

Hannah Mackey                                              Anthony Turker

Diandra Molion                                                David Woodworth

Erica Murawski                                                RichardWoolf

Gina Myerchin

Emily Negri

Ari Parks

Ginny Peterson

Micalea Piell

Liz Planer

Tia Purnell

Joelly Rameriz

Carissa Rosania

Jessica Smith

Allison Stahl

Rachel VanDoren

Brianne Wheatley

Ashley Wiedemann

Megan Wright                   

Information about the Senior Class Trip