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No More Notes! PickUp Patrol is Coming to Third Street School!

Third Street School now has a more convenient and efficient way for you to make changes to your children’s after-school dismissal plans—PickUp Patrol! PickUp Patrol is a cloud-based application that eliminates the need for notes and phone calls, and streamlines the entire after-school dismissal process.

How it Works

Parents use PickUp Patrol from their smartphone or computer. To make a dismissal change, you simply login, select a date, and choose your child and Dismissal Option. Then hit submit and that’s it!

You can make plan changes at your convenience, and submit them days, weeks, or even months in advance. And for added security, you’ll receive a confirmation email each time a change is made.

Be on the lookout for a “Welcome to Pickup Patrol” email with login instructions that will allow easier, safer dismissals!


For iOS: 

For Android:

Pay Schools Central is coming to the Belvidere School District!
Click here to register for an account:
Parents can begin adding funds May 14, 2018.
Students can begin using the system in the cafeteria on May 21, 2018 using their School Student ID Card/Number.

The Strategic Planning Committee is conducting a survey to get feedback on the Belvidere School District to help us create a 5 year plan for our district.  Please fill out the survey using this link: